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    AI for P&C Insurance
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    World's largest dataset about risk
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About Us


Intelligent Compliance

Constant compliance, supported by AI

Tech-Driven Analytics

Real-time risk analytics driven by machine learning technology

Risk Prevention

Avoid risk before it happens with our smart technology

Instant Everything

Takes seconds to setup, access anywhere


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Make Informed Decisions

Understand risk & compliance gap needs in 10 seconds, with real, accurate data

Smart Predictions

Accurate prediction during critical to improve operational efficiency and compliance

Fast Recommendation & Cancellation

Painless and quick service for cancellations and recommendation

Intuitive Analytics

Smarter data analytics to help you understand and prevent risk instantly

Easy & Fast

Quick setup, view your status at any devices

100% Secure™

Enterprise-level security, your data is in good hands

Expert at Your Services

Our expert can be reached 24/7

Totally Transparent

Clear view of all your risk information and data in one place

And much more!

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Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

“Since using Ensural for my small business, I have felt more professional and organized. I was using another SaaS product before this, and I just felt like my customers deserved better. Ensural gave me options that I did not have with the other service and made my insurance process went smoothly and seamlessly.”

- Krin Fox

“Ensural is the most stable and easiest risk platform I have ever experienced”

- Theodore Willis

“Ensural helped my business grow and track insurance through their app.”

- Ricky Grant

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Kitchener, Ontario, Canada